Mac DeMarco Shares Video For ‘Chamber Of Reflection’

Mac DeMarco has shared a video for ‘Chamber of Reflection’, a song from his second record Salad Days. DeMarco also revealed that Al Pacino directed the video, which you can watch above.

While DeMarco’s video for ‘Passing Out Pieces’ featured him giving birth a doll with a head of lettuce, the ‘Chamber Of Reflection’ manages to be equally odd. With a lo-fi VHS aesthetic and almost demonic, slowed down version of the track, the whole video chronicles the adventures of a women wearing the head of Homer Simpson. Throughout the clip ‘Homer’ plays in a band, looks forlorn on a beach and grinds on a fire hydrant. ET also manages to make appearance, wearing a wig and hat, while looking extremely distressed.

Salad Days was released earlier this year and is the follow up to his debut LP 2. Watch the video to lead single ‘Passing Out Pieces’ below.

Listen to Two New Kano Tracks

Legendary grime MC Kano premièred two new tracks last night on Mistajam’s 1Xtra show.

The first, ‘Flow of the Year’, is produced by and features Boy Better Know co-founder JME. The second, ‘Dirty Die (KING KONG Riddim)’, is produced by Melé.

The tracks continue the tradition of Kano’s sporadic single releases since he dropped the Jack Bauer 2.4 mixtape on New Year’s Day 2012, but we’ll allow it because he’s been driving around in a Benz for a Mercedes advert and killing it as character Sully in Channel 4 drama Top Boy.

With the grime scene currently enjoying a resurrection, maybe now is the time for one of the best MCs to return. Hopefully we’ll see more from Kano soon.

El-P and Killer Mike Share Preview From ‘Run The Jewels 2′

Run the Jewels - El-P (left) and Killer Mike

As reported on Twitter by producer and rapper El-P, Run The Jewels 2 is in it’s final stages of mixing, meaning the second record from Killer Mike and El-P is imminent.

Today, the duo previewed one of the record’s tracks, ‘Blockbuster Night Part 1′. The track is noticeably more aggressive than what came before, with the duo backed by a menacing, dirty production. One lyrical highlight is Mike accurately asserting that the last album “proved that we was fucking brutal”. It may also end up being crowned 2014’s best track to sample cuckoo clock .

Run The Jewels 2 is the follow-up to the duo’s debut, Run The Jewels, which was released for free last year. You can listen to ‘Blockbuster Night Part 1′ below.

TV On The Radio Announce New Album ‘Seeds’

TV on the Radio have confirmed plans to release a new album this autumn. Alongside the announcement, the band released a teaser, which contains a snippet of new music. You can watch the album teaser above.

The album, entitled Seeds, is their first since fourth studio album Nine Types Of Light (released in 2011). It will also be their first release through Harvest Records.

Last year New York based band released singles ‘Mercy’ and ‘Million Miles’  through Dave Sitek’s (the band’s multi-instrumentalist) record label, Federal Prism. You can listen to ‘Mercy’ below.


Damon Albarn on New Blur Record: ‘It may just be one of those records that never comes out’

Damon Albarn

Blur frontman Damon Albarn has said that the album they started recording in 2013 may never get finished.

Albarn announced in February of this year that 15 songs had been recorded in Hong Kong last May, but that a new album would probably not surface for years.

Now in an interview with NME this week, Albarn has stated that his preferred method of working and complications in Hong Kong may mean that the album will never see the light of day.

“I’d do some more work on it. I like making records in short periods of time if I can,” he said. “There was too much commuting between where we were staying and where we were recording and it was a bit too hot. I think that’s why we didn’t get it finished… There’s some great tunes on there, but it may just be one of those records that never comes out.”

Blur recently announced the release of Live At The Budokan, watch the performance of ‘Yuko and Hiro’ below.


Learn How To Write A Pop Song With Marianas Trench’s Ingenious ‘Pop 101′

Last month, a YouTube sensation was born out of one Brett Domino, a musician from Leeds who earned the respect and appraisal of both impressionable internet-goers and self-righteous music elitists by ‘exposing’ the formula to making a ‘hit’ song with his track ‘Sexy When You Do That’, a parody song that uses Jason Derulo‘s infamous ‘Talk Dirty’ as its source material. Whilst Domino’s viral composition was indeed a valiant attempt at impersonating the likes of Max Martin, it possessed an inherent flaw –  the song itself was an awkward assembly of pop tropes rather than the kind of bonafide smash you’d expect to hear Katy Perry belt out at a jam-packed O2 Arena.

With the internet being the relentlessly fast-paced and trend-hopping domain that it is, however, it seems Domino’s efforts have already been trumped by Canadian pop rockers Marianas Trench, a band that are perhaps best described as Queen meets modern day pop music. Not only has their ever charismatic frontman Josh Ramsay proved his musical chops throughout his band’s back catalogue – he managed to score a top 10 hit in Canada with the 2011 single ‘Haven’t Had Enough’, a song that shamelessly emulated Dr. Luke‘s ‘California Gurls/Tik Tok’ synth progression – he’s also the guy that took a sweet little folk song from a former Canadian Idol contestant Carly Rae Jepsen and developed it into the gargantuan global phenomenon that it is today. In a teaser for his band’s new single ‘Pop 101′, the Grammy-nominated songwriter comically expressed his disdain at being asked how to write awesome songs all the time from the comfort of an outdoor jacuzzi and professed that he would pen a track revealing his songwriting secrets. Now, his aforementioned instructional masterpiece has landed – and it’s quite simply amazing.

With ‘Pop 101′, Ramsay takes things to a whole new plateau of music tuition. There’s talk of 1-4-6-4 chord patterns and other similarly technical songwriting matter within the first verse to satisfy the muso boffins. There’s the killer chorus that reels off well worn phrases like “DJ never let me go” and pokes fun at overused rhyming couplets with the humorous line “somethings just go together/like higher, desire and fire”. There’s even the obligatory impromptu dance part a la PSY (and, well, a million other pop stars) that comes crashing out of nowhere to assure this banger’s being bumped in every nightclub across the world, as well as the ingenious ‘barely feat.’ of Anami Vice, who briefly turns up to mock the idea of lousy rappers being brought in to ‘fill the gaps’. Most importantly, however, the track manages to retain its sensibility as a radio staple despite its constant shifting between the cliches that have pretty much been present within every Top 40 of the past year. Undeniably witty and stacked with hook after hook after hook, ‘Pop 101′ is the most charming caricature of modern pop music to date.

‘Pop 101′ is available to purchase in the iTunes Store now. You can listen to the track (and try to spot all its references) above.

Joshua Pauley

The Family Rain – Hunger Sauce (EP)


Hunger Sauce is an appropriate title for The Family Rain’s latest EP, for it satisfies the rumbling bellies of indie followers everywhere. The three brothers from Bath have turned it up a gear with this fantastical four track masterpiece five months after that début LP, and with no other than Alex Turner paying close attention to them, The Family Rain are somewhat of a big deal.

Opening track ‘You Should Be Glad You’ve Got A Man’ could easily be mistaken for a Connect FM advertising jingle for car insurance, accompanied by a repetitive bashing of a few notes on a child’s keyboard that leads into a fast pace, catchy potential festival anthem.

There’s a heavy influence of new Kasabian in ‘Tarantula’ that makes you want to get up and stomp your feet and rebel against all things good for you, while ‘Punch Bowl’ finishes this whirlwind of an EP with a sing-along belter, like Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ at the end of a primary school disco, but on a much sinister approach with a Jack White vocal vibe.

The Family Rain flourish and mature as time goes on, spending so much of last year playing gigs. Like an A grade student determined to succeed, they’ve emerged with tight, pumped-up riffs and faultless summer tunes, which can only suggest a beyond mental year for the bros from Bath.

Charlotte Croft